GI sets Khao Yai wine for broad horizons

The recent registration of the ‘Khao Yai Wine’ geographical indication (GI) is only the second of its kind for Thai wine with the Department of Intellectual Property, and is a major step towards greater international recognition for the industry.

Wines approved for the Khao Yai Wine GI must adhere to its established wine making standards, including the use of Vitis vinifera grapes grown only in the Khao Yai region, with no imported wine or other fruit juice added.

The new GI is registered by Granmonte Vineyard and Winery together with the Thai Wine Association.

A geographical indication is a sign used on products originating in a specific geographical area that possess qualities or a reputation due to that origin.

As with Champagne or Bordeaux in France, so-called ‘new latitude’ wine producers like those in Thailand benefit from using GI registration to ensure certain standards and coordinate their marketing activities.

These actions foster advances in product quality and consumer recognition, typically leading to a premium for producers.

Speaking at the ARISE+ IPR seminar on GIs in Bangkok today, Granmonte oenologist and co-owner Nikki Lohitnavy explained the benefits of the GI registration for the local wine industry.

“With this new development, we are well-placed to grow the reputation of Khao Yai wines by cementing stronger partnerships with our fellow producers and promoting the region’s unique climate and soil characteristics for making quality wines, particularly Chenin Blanc and Syrah,” she commented.

Ms. Lohitnavy and her father, Visooth, are among the pioneers of the Thailand wine industry. Visooth started planting vines in Khao Yai almost 20 years ago and currently serves as president of the Thai Wine Association, while Nikki is an accomplished winemaker in both Thailand and Australia.

She also spearheaded registration of the Khao Yai Wine GI, on behalf of GranMonte and the Thai Wine Association.

The ‘Seminar on the Protection of Geographical Indications’ in Bangkok is one of a series of activities being conducted by the five-year, EU-funded ARISE+ IPR programme to promote regional integration of intellectual property regulation in ASEAN Member-States.

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