SCB launch ‘Mae Manee Money Solution’ to step up cashless society

SCB continues its strive to make Thailand a cashless society by bringing the real-life experience to people, most recently in an ‘SCB Cash is in The Air’ event that kicked off its major campaign ‘SCB EASY PAY –Mae Manee Money Solution’ to build good perception, recognition and popularity of QR code as a convenient, safe payment channel for both buyers and sellers, in addition to minimized hassles and costs of cash management.

The new campaign unveiled its winsome ‘Mae Manee’, a beckoning figurine characterized with an insight into merchants to offer them a digital-generation version of ‘nangkwak’ for lots of luck in business.It also introduced ‘Mai’ Davika Hoorne as the presenter to represent young-generation women whose lifestyles are led by a passion for shopping.

With her second hat as an entrepreneur who owns Misstar by Davika business, Mai shared her impression of ‘SCB EASY PAY – Mae Manee Money Solution’ and its promise to be everything for all digital lifestyles.

Mr. Thana Thienachariya, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, said, “As the leader in digital lifestyle banking,SCB is making a strong, continued contribution to the national e-payment scheme to pave way for a cashless society by bringing real-life experiences to people.

In particular, QR code is a key payment channel that will change people’s life in the increasingly digitized world.We are today kicking off our ‘SCB EASY PAY – Mae Manee Money Solution’ campaign by hosting ‘SCB Cash is in The Air’event.

It presents ‘Mae Manee’asthe digital-generation ‘nangkwak’ with the characterization inspired by an insight into merchants’ belief that this woman figurine would beckon customers in.Mae Manee appears in eye-catching colors and design to build customers’ awareness and recognition of the QR code payment.

She bears a unique QR code that is linked to the Prompt Pay account of each merchant with clear indication of the account owner’s name in compliance with the Bangkok of Thailand’s standard for easy, assured transaction of buyers and sellers involved in the payment for products or services.”

A highlight advantage that ‘SCB EASY PAY – Mae Manee Money Solution’ has over its competitions is a feature to notify users via SCB Connect on LINE messaging app,making it the first and only QR code payment in Thailand to offer this feature.

SCB was among the firsts to test its QR code payment service in the Bank of Thailand’s regulatory sandbox with coverage of five key categories: Shopping, through trial service in Siam Square, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Platinum Fashion Mall and MBK;

Universities, through ‘Smart University’ cashless society development partnerships with Kasetsart University and Thammasat University; Markets, with pilot locations in Samyan Market and Minburi Market;

Transportation, by activating trial QR code payment at Phahonyothin 34 motorcycle taxi rank,public van ranks and Chaiyo Po Dang taxi company; and Temples, with Wat San Phan Thai Norasing in SamutSakhon as the pilot temple to ease religious donationvia QR code scanning.

Mrs. Apiphan Charoenanusorn, SCB’s Senior Executive Vice President and Head of Operations, Retail Products and Retail Payments, revealed, “The launch of ‘SCB EASY PAY – Mae Manee Money Solution’ is a strategic move taken by SCB in a bid to become ‘The Most Admired Bank’ and reiterate our positioning as the leader in digital lifestyle banking.

At SCB, we believe that the ongoing development of financial technology keeps on endlessly to bring everyday convenience to people. The future trends will see automatic self-checkout in shopping malls, convenience stores and mini marts using QR code, as well as man-less shops and even virtual shopping, for example.

SCB will continue to introduce innovative financial services to address the needs of our customers all-around, in line with our objective to ‘be everything for all digital lifestyles’.


As a highlight at the launch event, a new commercial was released with ‘Mai’ Davika Hoorne as the presenter. She shared her impression of ‘SCB EASY PAY – Mae Manee Money Solution’: “As a young woman with a passion for shopping and the owner of Misstar by Davika, I think ‘SCB EASY PAY – Manee Money Solution’ perfectly addresses the needs of buyers and sellers alike.

It’s convenient for buyers to pay because some shoppers prefer not to carry cash while many others must have experienced a situation when they fell short of cash in hand for a decided purchase and had to hunt around for the nearest ATM, which lessened the fun of shopping.

For merchants, it lets them say good bye to the problem of insufficient change for customers, and not to mention easy review of pay-in records and prevention of embezzlement by a hired storekeeper.

Moreover, the digital-generation beckoning figurine ‘Mae Manee’ isvery lovely and eye-catching. Whoever sees her will most likely stops by,and she is definitely the one to build customer awareness and recognition.”

The event turned Mahisorn Hall into a fashion runway with an extravaganza of models from diverse career backgrounds to emphasize an all-encompassing range of products and services payable via ‘SCB EASY PAY – Mae Manee Money Solution’.

A robust lineup of prestigious guests, partners and business people from various fields attended the event to jointly echo SCB’s promise to be everything for all digital lifestyles. Interested merchants and individuals can learn more about this payment service by visiting or by calling 02-777-7777.