Flip for Site campaign helps dtac find cell site locations 3 times faster

The growing popularity of mobile services results in the increasing Internet usage, such as social media, streaming services, and live TV. dtac is expanding its network coverage at the highest rate in its history.

In addition to network expansion, dtac has also added mobile antennas in high density areas to ensure the best possible user experience.

Digital transformation of cell site installations

Traditionally, the search for cell site installation locations is done by service providers who have to rely on a team to physically go onsite and inspect the locations. However, the problem or pain point is that sometimes the team finds an ideal site or property, but they cannot find a property owner or landlord to complete a rental contract.

To overcome this problem and shorten the cell site installation lead time, dtac has come up with a different approach based on the crowdsourcing concept by inviting the public to collaborate and solve the problem and difficulty in finding proper locations.

As a result, the Flip for Site campaign was initiated, using the location-based technology to enable property owners or anyone to propose a property with exact location details to dtac for consideration.

Upon the receiving of the property submission, dtac will analyze the location against its network expansion plan and determine the installation site, which significantly shortens the entire process.

Using customers voice to help find cell site locations

This campaign has been successful in overcoming the challenge and shortening the lead time of finding cell site locations by one-third. Every property submission will immediately be reviewed and entered into the Land Bank Database, which will be used as an input to determine cell site locations.

Mr. Boonchai Tuntiwuttipong, whose idea led to the Flip for Site campaign, said, “The Flip for Site campaign is the first of its kind in the Thai telecom industry. It allows customers and the public to be part of the value chain and helps dtac complete cell site installations much faster.

So far, there have been almost 8,000 property submissions. The proposer will receive 10,000 Baht prize when the proposed property is selected by dtac.”

Mr. Node Nimsomboon, one of the landlords, revealed, “dtac has initiated the Flip for Site campaign that allows us to suggest an empty property for dtac cell site installation and receive a rental fee for the property. I proposed a property in manufacturing zone Rangsit Klong 7, and the entire community is benefited from the cell site installed.”

dtac has recently installed a cell tower on the rooftop of a building in Soi Itsaraphap 33 on the Thonburi side to extend 4G and 3G signals to the community and nearby government offices. The improved signals give commuters a better mobile experience during peak hours.

The Flip for Site campaign shows that dtac is continuously improving its mobile signals, and this is just one of the cell sites that are installed in the proposed properties.