dtac Happy Tourist SIM add sending of SMS in Chinese for travelers

Total Access Communications Public Co., Ltd., or dtac, jets ahead in being the internet service provider leader for tourists in Thailand. dtac strives to provide a better user experience aimed specifically at the Chinese tourist market with the launch of the first Chinese language SIM card.

This move followed a successful marketing campaign that propelled dtac to the No.1 spot in terms of market share, focusing on serving the tourist market through the name – dtac Happy Tourist SIM.

dtac Happy Tourist SIM cards are separated into different types of services depending on the number of internet usage days.

The SMS Chinese language SIM card service that aims to specifically serve Chinese tourists offers 8 days of unlimited internet use with a maximum internet speed of 2.5GB, and comes bundled with calling services as well.

Chinese tourists will receive welcome SMS messages after installing the SIM card in their mobile phones, after which they can take advantage of all the extra conveniences provided.

The SIM card and internet package information readily appears in the Chinese language on the mobile phones of the tourist who subscribe to this service.

This development was the result of an in-depth marketing analysis, which revealed that most Chinese tourists usually encounter language problems arising from the typical English language SIM cards offered by most mobile phone operators here in Thailand.

Tourists who use the dtac Happy Tourist SIM card can press *1678# to receive several ‘self-service’ numbers, which enable checking of the usage balance amount, balance of internet package, or other ‘value-added’ services.

The tourist user will receive SMS response messages in Chinese, thus minimizing comprehension problems and enhancing a user experience that is fast and responsive.


Thailand is considered among the top tourist destinations for tourist worldwide, and statistics from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports show that by the end of 2017, it is expected that 35 million tourists will visit the Kingdom.

Of this figure, it is expected that up to 33% will be 12 million Chinese tourists, which is expected to rise to 20% by 2018, or approximately 15 million Chinese tourists.

dtac prioritizes serving the tourist market, and in particular the Chinese tourist market, wherein the past, dtac has developed many innovative products and services for this market segment and continues to do so through the Happy Tourist SIM card.

To name a few: provides 7-day free life insurance covering ‘loss of life due to accident’ with a maximum claim of 200,000 baht, and in the case of lost or damaged luggage, up to 3,000 baht. These benefits have received overwhelming positive reception from dtac’s tourist customers.

Continuous innovative product improvement to serve and enhance customer care during the entire duration of SIM usage, as well as dtac’s determination to impress its customers with an outstanding internet and calling experience starts from the time the tourist customer turns on his mobile phone. All this enables dtac to better understand this market segment well.