dtac launches ‘dtac call’ to combines 5 sims in one mobile phone

dtac launches ‘dtac call’, a new disruptive app, that flips the way to make a phone call. It enables a smartphone to operate with 5 maximum phone numbers, including WiFi calling.

dtac customers can make calls via the ‘dtac call’ app over any types of internet connections. Moreover, the app comes with an SMS function; therefore, customers will not miss any messages.

This app makes life easier and more joyful with privileges for only dtac customers. The app will be available for Android users to download in the Play Store on November 21, 2017 and for iOS users in the Apple App Store soon.

From Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) that dtac was the first provider to offer such technology to Thailand with success, dtac developed a WiFi Calling app for every customer with any smartphones to be able to use make calls via WiFi calling technology.

Now, dtac goes to another step to make customer more convenient with the launch of the “dtac call” app. The dtac call app allows pre-paid and post-paid customers to use up to 5 mobile numbers with a single smartphone and no multiple SIMs required, and the app also supports WiFi Calling.

The “dtac call” app has been initiated from the “Flip it Challenge” program, a program that encourages dtac staff to think and act together, when facing the problems or obstacles, in order to create better solutions or products for customers.

It also flips dtac’s corporate culture to be a collaborative society to make a better organization and develop new products to meet customers’ needs.

Mr. Prathet Tankuranun, Chief Technology Officer at Total Access Communication PLC or dtac revealed, “With nearly 140% growth in mobile penetration in Thailand, one mobile user owns more than one registered number.

From dtac customer base, 2.3 million subscribers or 10% of active subscribers occupy 2 mobile numbers or more and the trend is still rising. Presently, one user needs to have at least two mobile phones due to the multiple SIMs.

Some people have up to 5 SIMs: a personal number, a working number, a personal business number, a private family number, and a lucky number. With such complexity, dtac comes up with a new application, “dtac call”, to solve the pain point for all dtac customers.

dtac has observed and understood the needs and behaviors of customers; therefore, dtac introduces the “dtac call”, a disruptive app that was designed under the concept of digital transition.

The “dtac call” changes the outlook of users’ behavior by offering easy and joyful application experience to life the quality of customers’ lives.

dtac call

5 things that “dtac call” makes life easier
  1. dtac call is a new application for dtac customers. It manages one smartphone to support up to 5 numbers for making and receiving calls as multiple SIMs and mobile phones are no longer required. The app is also user-friendly.
  2. dtac call adds SMS function for sending and receiving messages. Thus, users can make any online purchases or transactions that require authentication via OTP SMS, even when they are aboard.
  3. dtac call users can make calls to fixed-line and mobile numbers from any 5 numbers registered in the application. When making calls to a local number from aboard, international country and long distance codes are not required. Moreover, recipients can receive calls in a regular manner without any extra applications.
  4. One of the prominent features of dtac call is that users can use WiFi calling from any 5 registered numbers via the app. Users can make or receive calls even in the non-coverage areas as long as they have access to the internet. Being aboard, users can also make a WiFi calling with the same rate as their subscribed promotions.
  5. Users can receive the privileges from dtac reward from every number registered to the “dtac call” app through only one smartphone.

Mr. Prathet added, “dtac call is also the application that was designed to be a secure app as the number owner is the only one who has rights to add his or her number to the app.

To do so, the authentication is required via OTP SMS. The added numbers to the app can work with pre-paid and post-paid SIMs as long as they have the same SIM registration ownership.

The dtac call app will be available for free download on November 21, 2017 for all dtac customers who use Android phones. Whereas, dtac will announce the launch date for iOS phones in the App Store soon.