Mr. Patchara Samalapa, KBank President

KBank presents “Superior” strategy to e-commerce

In response to the growing e-commerce trend and the demand of online business segment, KASIKORNBANK (KBank) presents the “Change to Understand Online Sellers” strategy.

K ONLINESHOP SPACE (KOS) has been set up as a center to give advice on online marketing and promote knowledge and skills of e-store management.

KBank has been prepared to provide short- and long-term financial facilities for this segment. In addition, K DIGIBIZ has been developed to offer comprehensive management assistance service and enable online businesses to run successful e-stores in a sustainable manner.

Mr. Patchara Samalapa, KBank President, said that according to the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (Public Organization), as business activities have evolved, e-commerce is growing steadily.

In 2017, e-commerce transactions in Thailand totaled THB2,812,592 million, THB812,613 million of which went to Business-to-Customer (B2C) trade. In 2018, e-commerce transactions are expected to grow 17 percent to reach a total value of THB949,122 million with transactions via social media, e-marketplace and modern-trade online platform under accounting for 40, 35 and 25 percent, respectively.

Regarding payment methods, funds transfer via banks is the most popular mode of payment, representing 65 percent while the other 35 percent goes to credit card payment. KBank accounts are the most popular channel that customers have chosen for e-payment transactions.

There are approximately 300,000 KBank customers in online businesses, some of which are encountering many pain points in their operations, including intense competition, lack of online marketing knowledge, management difficulties, insufficient working capital, and inability to fulfill customers’ needs via various channels.

Moreover, these businesses are seeking to expand their sales channels. For online business startups or those interested in setting up their own enterprises, they need to learn how to sell products successfully or how to choose the right goods.

Being aware of these problems, KBank has devised a comprehensive “Superior” strategy for online customers, consisting of five features, as follows:

1. Easy payment: K PLUS SHOP application is a solution to facilitate online commerce. Merchants will benefit from a simple payment acceptance process, with new features to assist in their management, such as price comparison, monitoring of delivery status, delivery payment and sales report.

As for online selling, merchants can easily close their sales with the help of “Green Cat QR”, which allows for bill collection via social media and Pay with K+ service on facebook.

  1. Enhanced liquidity: KBank offers SME loans approved via K PLUS. Without any collateral and document required, customers can obtain loans up to THB1 million in one minute. Short-term loans of THB2 billion are also available for online businesses to enhance their business liquidity.

3. Greater sales channels: K PLUS Market with more than 9.4-million customer base will help online businesses to explore new sales channels and improve their sales skills on e-Marketplace platform in order to achieve success rapidly.

  1. K ONLINESHOP SPACE or KOS is opened on the 5th Floor of CentralWorld shopping complex to offer knowledge and one-to-one advice on online marketing and business management by related experts. KOS will also serve as a meeting venue for our customers to build a knowledge poll with those engaging in the same business.

  2. K DIGIBIZ has been developed to provide various tools that help improve business operations, including sales, storage, packing, delivery, transportation, payment and account management kits, aimed at offering greater convenience for online traders.

Mr. Patchara added that KBank has also cooperated with various business partners, namely [email protected], Grab, Shippop, POS, Vision, Sellsuki, Zort, ITOPPLUS, Flow Account, PEAK, JUBILI and many others, to offer opportunities for those interested in doing online business and help those, who are already engaging in this business, to carry out their businesses more efficiently and sustainably amid steepened competition in the market.

For more details on this program or our activities, please visit LINE @KBank Online Shop, Facebook: K SME or call K-Biz Contact Center at Tel. 02-888-8822.