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KBank Reward Points can transfer to partners

KBank boasts a new feature on K PLUS, showcasing the system developed to allow customers – for the first time – to instantly transfer their KBank Reward Points to business partners’ loyalty programs to redeem them for goods or services. The program kicks off with two of KBank’s major partners, The 1 Card and AIS. In a special promotion: 30 percent extra reward points are offered from September 15 to December 31.

Two more partners, AirAsia BIG and PTT Blue Card, are expected to join the program before year-end. KBank anticipates that 200 million KBank Reward Points will be transferred to business partners’ loyalty programs within one year.

Mr. Patchara Samalapa, KBank President, said, “The new feature of KBank Reward Point transfer on K PLUS will provide greater benefits to our customers who link their K-Credit Card to K PLUS, as it allows them to immediately transfer their reward points to the loyalty programs of KBank’s major partners.

Out of 2.8 million K-Credit Cards now issued, 1.6 million K-Credit Cards are linked to K PLUS, and most of them have around 10,000-29,999 points each, which can be redeemed for discounts offered by participating merchants. With the new K PLUS feature, customers can optimize their point redemption with ease, while their needs will be fully satisfied thanks to the myriad goods and services suited to all lifestyles that are offered by our large partners.

This represents a cooperative effort between KBank and our partners in creating the best value-for-money ecosystem for our clients. Around 200 million KBank Reward Points are expected to be transferred to KBank partners’ loyalty programs through K PLUS within one year.”

Customers who link their K-Credit Cards with K PLUS and want to transfer KBank Reward Points can do so by simply logging in to K PLUS and choosing “Point Redemption” on the front of the credit card from which they want to transfer the reward points.

After that, users choose “Transfer Points”, enter the number of reward points they want to transfer, and choose the member card that they want to transfer the reward points to. Once completed, K PLUS will transfer those reward points instantly. Our customers conducting transactions from September 15 to December 31, 2019 will earn 30 percent extra points.

At present, K-Credit Cardholders linking their cards on K PLUS can use their reward points for three purposes: redeeming points for goods or services on K+ Market; cash rebate; and making a reward point transfer to the loyalty programs of The 1 and AIS. By the end of 2019, reward points will be transferable to AirAsia BIG and PTT Blue Card.