dtac customers win protection on 850 MHz

September 14, 2018 – Today, dtac received an order from the Central Administrative Court granting an interim protection measure, allowing dtac customers to continue using the 850 MHz spectrum.

Until 15 December 2018, in accordance with the NBTC Notification on Remedy. This enables dtac customers to benefit from continued service nationwide.

Ms. Alexandra Reich, CEO of Total Access Communications Plc, or dtac, said: “Today’s verdict is fantastic for dtac’s customers. It grants them continued coverage during the network transition.”

“During this period, dtac will continue working very hard to keep migrating remaining customers using older SIMs under concession with CAT.”

Jointly with CAT, dtac asked for temporary customer protection from the NBTC last June, as per NBTC’s regulation, which is designed to minimize service disruptions during network transitions.

As NBTC refused to grant this protection or remedy, dtac filed a lawsuit before the court on September 6. During the remedy period under the NBTC Notification, dtac has vowed to pay a revenue share of profits to the state for the spectrum used under the customer protection.