dtac launches new program ‘dtac accelerate Creator’

dtac launches ‘dtac accelerate Creator’ to help Thai Youth in Thailand 4.0 era make creative and beneficial video contents to society, and provide them career opportunities. dtac partners with its strategic alliances, video content platforms

Such as YouTube and top content creators VRZO, Buffet Channel, The Ska Film, Softpomz and other leading companies to build professional content creators.

dtac believes in creative power and has run campaigns with several content creators since the beginning of 2018. dtac is ready to take it up a notch to support the next generation in this program in the future.

Mr. Panthep Nilasinthop, Acting Chief Digital Officer, Total Access Communication PLC. or dtac, said “Currently, content creator is a new profession needed in various businesses.

It also attracts people of new generation as they can make good income while being freelancers, but the market is still very much lacking of inspired content creators.

dtac is one of the leading companies that employ new technologies and solutions from worldwide platforms such as YouTube.

dtac has worked closely with these video content platforms and is among the first operator to introduce modern solutions and technologies such as TrueView for Action or VOGON.

These online platforms inspire people’s digital lifestyles. Several companies has been increasingly invested in these channels as they become attractive to consumers.

dtac see the opportunity to develop Thai youth in Thailand 4.0 era to be professional content creators by using online video platforms. Presently, YouTube is the best choice to reach viewers via creative video content.”

According to the TNS survey, over 90% of Thai internet surfers use YouTube and more than 75% watch contents on YouTube every day, with the average daily usage time over 2 hours.

dtac sees this opportunity for Thai Youth to express their creativity to people nationwide via YouTube; therefore, dtac partners with YouTube to develop a new curriculum for new-generation YouTubers.

In the first phase, dtac along with YouTube and VRZO, Buffet Channel, The Ska Film, Softpomz has launched a program called ‘dtac accelerate Creator’.

dtac will start promoting dtac accelerate Creator program in this coming September and October by organizing roadshows at 5 leading institutes: Chulalongkorn University, Thammasat University, Bangkok University, Rangsit University, and Mahidol University.

The roadshows aim to attract 300 college students who dream of having their own YouTube channels. The best content will be selected to participate in the program.

The participants will gain knowledge and develop themselves to be content creators using video content platform via YouTube for a month.

They will learn video production, video editing, and storytelling to help them attract interest from viewers across the country with their creative and powerful contents on YouTube.

Moreover, the well-known YouTubers will be invited as guest speakers to share their expertise to participants during the course.

Interest persons can have more information and apply for the program at https://accelerate-creator.dtac.co.th/