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7 telecom operators want TOT underground conduit

7 telecom operators visited TOT Expressing intention to rent a conduit down the ground At a reasonable price, hoping to reduce the rental price of underground communications conduits to 7 telecom operators, all of which have a resolution to join the communication network rental at a reasonable price.

To support the project to bring the communication line down underground, organize the city to be beautiful according to government policy In the route, take down the line and withdraw the electric poles from the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) and the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) and organize new communication lines outside the demolition route for safety, orderly and improve the scenery.

While TOT has a conduit structure located throughout the area of ​​Bangkok, approximately 2,500 kilometers. No repeated investment Create benefits for the overall picture Be fair to all entrepreneurs Including not preventing trade competition

Monchai Noosong, President of TOT Public Company Limited, said, “TOT is willing to support the project to bring the communication line underground. To organize the city to be beautiful according to government policy Which will create safety, orderly and improve the scenery By the TOT itself Confirm that there is full potential and readiness in providing underground communication conduit rental. In addition, after all 7 revenues are met, there will be a working group to consider the appropriate rental rates and inform the operators. ”

By all 7 telecom operators, consisting of Symphony Communication Public Company Limited by Mr. Theerarat Phantrasut, Managing Director, DTAC TriNet Company Limited by Mr. Narupon Ratanasamas Division Senior Director Government Relations Group, Triple T Broadband Public Company Limited by Mr. Pisit Tantirojanakit Deputy Managing Director, United Information Highway (UHS) Co., Ltd. by Mr. Santi Methavikul, Managing Director, Interlink Telecom Public Company Limited by Mr. Winai Paiboonkulwong Network Operations Director, Alt Telecom Public Company Limited, by Mr. Vatanyu Chiewchana, Business Development Advisor and Advanced Wireless Network Company Limited by Mr. Weerawat Kiatphongthaworn Head of business relations and corporate management

Together said “We are aware of the responsibility to contribute to the development of the beautiful scenery of the city according to government policies. By cooperating to bring the communication line underground along the route that the MEA and PEA have plans to dismantle the line and withdraw the electricity poles.

All 7 companies would like to rent the TOT conduit Because it is the use of the infrastructure of government agencies that are ready to use to maximize the benefits And have transparency in allowing the use of all operators together Which will create equality in the competition of every entrepreneur Therefore, if TOT reduces the rental price to an appropriate level, it will have a positive impact on the industry overview. Because if the cost of the conduit service is too high, it should be a cost burden that the operator will experience in the business operation. And may affect the overall service price The visit to TOT today is to negotiate with TOT regarding the said rental rate. ”

In addition, 7 telecom operators have also studied to find ways to organize communication lines in order to organize together. Which will be expected to have a clear summary form and try to organize the communication line soon, taking into account the support of the government policy on scenery, safety and response to the policy of developing the country according to the digital development plan to Economy and society

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