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Mustang is fun drive more than the German coupe

The Mustang is a sports car that seems difficult to reach. Until when Ford Thailand decided to bring this model into Thailand, From the home of United States, and appointed a trusted representative to be a distributor. The dream of this legendary car lover is true. And importantly, there are 2 versions to choose from. 2 moods are the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine and 5.0-liter V8 engine, which Do not miss to test the Ford Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost this time.

In America, Mustang is considered a muscle car or a unique car, designed as a 2-door car with V8 engine, also known as the Pony Car. It can be both a sports car and a compact car that is versatile for those who love it. Like a sports car, which is at Borrowed to test drive this is a 2.3 liter 4-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 300 horsepower at 5,500 rev / min, maximum torque of 440 newton at 3,000 rev / min. Therefore, this model is probably more of a definition of a pony car.

The other model is a 5.0-liter DOHC Direct Injection Ti-VCT petrol V8 engine, 5,038 cc., Compression ratio 12.0: 1, maximum power 460 horsepower at 7,000 rev / min, maximum torque 556 newton at 4,600 rev / min. This is a true Muscle car, but we not tested because of fear that the road is not long enough to drive comfortably.


This bright red mustang Is a sports car that is very eye-catching It can be said that if there are 100 people passing by, 95 people will have to look at it. And who would have thought that this look would be a sports car that is very easy to drive? It is not surprising why in America this car is popular. And has accumulated sales worldwide in this 6th generation already 500,000 cars.

Which the usage in the typical way of Will not focus on driving like a daredevil But will know that this sports car can be used in everyday life? Can you use it every day? In order for the new generation of businessmen to be strong or young, the students, the wealthy father, have made purchasing decisions easier.

It’s not as well explained about how the car will look. But personally have to say that I like it very much Have your own Sleek with modern lines, not superficial, not adding accessories to look as cluttered as some sports cars. And although not looking at the luxury coupe from Germany But I guarantee that if the car is parked face to face, this Pony Car is the best. Although the front of the car is too long and the distance is too difficult to use, it takes a long time to get used to it.


Entering this Mustang is not difficult. Don’t have to bounce into The front seat cushion is a 6-way electric adjustment but can be adjusted only for the seat base. Many people may be wondering why (that’s why), which, in fact, the adjustment of the cushion is not done often. Once you have adjusted your mind for the first time, there’s no need to adjust again. The large seat is well fitting enough.

Even though he had not locked himself exactly like a race car But soft and firm And not as hard as a car from Europe Which, from a long distance ride, was found to be very comfortable Even if driving at a distance of more than 500 kilometers, it is not much fatigue compared to driving other models. (To say that no ache at all is impossible)


As for the back seats For those who are over 150, you definitely don’t need to think about sitting. Although the shape of the seat is attractive to insert into the seat. But the head is definitely ceiling And getting in is not very easy. Because having to slide the seat electrically slowly Before folding the backrest and duck in. But actually, for this type of car, it should only seat 2 people. Although difficult to ride, it can be folded to 60/40 to increase the storage space.


The room by confession is in black tones. But with plastic, silver and chromium materials to help create a distinctive, uncluttered console. Considered as a car with a good atmosphere inside. Which at night will have an ambient light decorative light, adjusting the color to create aesthetics for the night, not less Stick a little on the cup holder and the water bottle on the side of the arm is hard to pick up, and sometimes the arms will sneak frequently when moving. If there is a better placement, then it will be perfect.


The interior design has attracted a lot. There are many features, especially the push-up switch, pushing down the center console as a gimmick of a very chic design. But with this button that makes the emergency light a little difficult Because they are not familiar Also in a position that is not clearly seen


The layout of other control switches Will be the same as the Ford cars running on the road Unless the turn signal lever is on the same side as Japanese brand cars The unique and eye-catching steering wheel has many control switches. Like every modern car.


For entertainment, there is an 8-inch touch screen. It is easy to use, supports SYNC 3 and can connect to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, supports Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, and also has a 2-position USB connector, but there is no navigation system like in the 5.0 GT version, so the screen looks like something is missing.

Connecting to a mobile phone with Bluetooth is as easy as a Ford car. No cumbersome encryption required, just press as the system says. As for the air conditioning system, it is a dual-zone automatic. Cool. Whoever cool it doesn’t have to fight. Just like the one-touch electric windows, up and down


Another interesting feature is the dial behind the garlands. That is not an antique or too retro needle But is a 12.4-inch TFT screen that can be adjusted in a variety of ways, whether normal or focused, whatever you want. It will also change according to the driving mode that we have selected. There are 5 driving modes to choose from, including Normal Mode, as well as the general driving mode (in the mode that Choose to use throughout the trip). As for other modes There will be such as Snow / Wet Mode, Sport + Mode, Track Mode, Drag Strip Mode.

Coming to what everyone wants to know is 2.3 Mustang performance. This 4-cylinder gasoline engine is DOHC Direct Injection Ti-VCT, 2,264 cc., Twin turbo turbo, single-scroll, compression ratio 9.5: 1, maximum power 300 hp. 5,500 rev / min, peak torque of 440 Nm at 3,000 rev / min, comes with 10-speed automatic transmission with paddle shift for steering wheel for positive and negative mode

from the launch

“The design for this model has good torque from the launch. And the speed will start to increase according to the foot pressure Is a power that creates excitement and encourages adrenaline to shed quite a bit Although not fast and super like a super car But the power comes continuously all the time Regardless of pressing the throttle at any time, there is no need to wait around to waste time. The EcoBoost engine is ready to fully satisfy. As with the accelerating pace of all rounds, there is no reluctance. Don’t lose a beat Considered that this level of energy is more than enough for Thai roads. ”

The exhaust pipe, even though it has a sound, even if not thrilling Or can be adjusted to a 5.0 GT model, but every time pressing the accelerator will sound enough to make the heart inflate gently The increased speed creates travel aesthetics. Everything is set to be smooth, harmonious with the driver as well.


Comes with a tight fit suspension Not hardened Independent front, MacPherson strut with stabilizer bar The back is independent. Integral-link With a stabilizer bar, also with the Performance Pack Level 1 kit, which will have a limited slip rear differential.

The suspension provides a lot of confidence, both straight and curved. The steering wheel responds naturally. Heavy, perfect fit Until felt that the car was faster But can drive in a chill style, even when driving fast and breaking the car suddenly without a distraction Can drive fun without stress As well as an impressive set of brake systems To brake light, heavy brakes can take all Also equipped with ABS / EBD / BA system, Advancetrac Stability Control System: ESP, TRC anti-skidding system, so you can be sure how heavy it is This car is comfortable. But with the condition that the driver also has to be fully conscious as well

Let’s talk about fuel efficiency. This Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost is one of the most economical sports cars. Although this test does not measure the rate of waste seriously. But driving compared to 2.5-liter sedan engines of both Japan and Germany with less horsepower and torque. When driving at the same speed, same boot on the same route, this Mustang is unbelievably economical. Which the maximum speed used in this time is 180 kilometers per hour Which is made in the closed and open path (May go further but the roads are not favorable)


Like the technology that was put in, I must say that many German luxury cars have to look at the hammer. Because it’s not the only good engine performance But put technology to the full Whether it is helping out on the slopes, HLA, front collision warning system, Forward Collision Warning System, automatic braking systems. With AEB pedestrian detection system with Pedestrian Detection, variable speed automatic control system, Adaptive Cruise Control, traffic control system, Lane Keeping System, TPMS tire detection system, emergency assistance system, Emergency Assistance


The basic systems that are available include front airbags 2 positions, side airbags 2 positions, curtain airbags 2 positions, driver knee airbags and 2 front passengers, rear view camera Park, rear park assist sensor, Burglar Alarm system, ISOFIX child seat anchor

To sum up, this mustang 2.3 EcoBoost or charming Pony car Having said that, it is a sports car that, in addition to having an attractive, inviting shape There is also the comfort of the seat position. Chic decoration Powerful engine and very confident suspension Driving and traveling both near and far can be done very impressive. Until it can be said that it is a sports car that can be used every day as many sports cars cannot Not the most luxurious and strongest But perfectly suited for those who are themselves and who like the distinctive differences like no other