Nissan’s “Let’s Move” Make City driving smarter and easier

Nissan Motor Thailand’s latest “Let’s Move Test Drive” in Trang, Thailand showcased the new Display Audio (DA) features of the Nissan Note and Nissan Almera models that help makes driving easier on any city road at any time.

This new feature reinforces the fact that Nissan is the first brand Thai consumers think about when it comes to city cars, said Sureetip La-Ongthong, vice President, marketing, Nissan Motor Thailand Co., Ltd.

“The Note and Almera are two of Nissan’s most popular vehicles ever. They offer exceptional fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness that allow owners to enjoy driving anywhere in the city. We believe the latest highly innovative Display Audio will add to their appeal and resonate with our loyal Thai customers,” she said.

The Test Drive included Drive Dynamic Test and Parking Challenges conducted in a closed area, showcasing the many embedded NIM safety and embedded innovative smart technological features like Intelligent

Around View Monitor, Moving Object Detection, Rear-View Mirror Monitoring, Lane Departure Warning, and Forward Emergency Braking.


These technologies proved helpful while navigating Trang’s narrow streets and tight parking spaces.

In addition to the new DA and innovative NIM technologies, the Nissan Almera and Nissan Note both offer roomy and relaxed interiors, and best-in-class space with outstanding safety innovations to helps city drivers avoid accidents.

Nissan selected Trang as a test drive destination because of the natural beauty and appeal of this fast-emerging secondary city.

Sureetip La-Ongthong, vice President, marketing, Nissan Motor Thailand Co., Ltd.

“Trang is popular for its coral reefs, scenic beaches, and pristine waterfalls. It’s a beautiful place to enjoy a morning drive and find a unique place for breakfast in the city,” La-Ongthong said.

Nissan’s latest DA is a key component of Nissan Intelligent Integration, one of the three pillars under the Nissan Intelligent Mobility umbrella which also includes Nissan Intelligent Driving and Nissan Intelligent Power.

Its ease of access integration, on both Apple and Android platforms, assists with hands-free phone calls, messaging, music, video and Navigation application.

This technology allows drivers to connect directly to the DA using their smartphones, allowing them to make phone calls, play their favorite songs, and get navigation assistance. These new features provide a more enjoyable and seamless driving experience.