dtac supports a doctor can remotely treat patients using robotic

dtac Turbo supports Home Health Care Project of King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital and the Red Cross Volunteer Bureau, help a doctor to remotely treat patients using robotic technology connected to the internet via 4G TDD. Hence, a doctor virtually sit next to a patient without going to the hospital.

Mr. Prathet Tankuranun, Chief Technology Officer, Total Access Communication PLC. or dtac said: “High-speed mobile internet is a key to enhance the quality of human’s daily life.

The improvement of data speed and stability is as important as low latency that allows the real-time high-accuracy data communication, resulting in the introduction of telemedicine and telesurgery or remote surgery via computer or robot.

The high-speed mobile internet allows a doctor to perform a surgery on a patient in remote areas without his or her presence.”

“dtac has brought dtac TURBO on 2300 MHz, the high-speed mobile internet service under the partnership with TOT Public Company Limited, to be used in Home Health Care project.


dtac TURBO has a bigger, better and smoother as it is well designed for the applications that require high-speed internet. Moreover, it is suitable for medical devices used in the remote treatment,” added Mr. Prathet Tankuranun.

dtac is committed to bringing digital and advanced telecommunication to enhance quality of life and reduce social disparities among Thai people.

dtac has developed a variety of services to serve society and provide people access to important data and services. Consequently, these deliver people better way of life and brighter future with effective connectivity.