Shopee unveils mid-year online shopping report

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, dove deep into its database of over 30 million users in Thailand to uncover key consumer insights on online shopping in the country for the first half of the year. On the whole, online shopping is fast becoming the norm across the whole of Thailand, powered by distinct patterns of consumer preferences and behaviour in the country.

“Shopee has grown tremendously in the past year to become the leading e-commerce platform in Thailand. We owe a big part of our success to the data-centric approach we employ to understand and serve our users.

With over 30 million users in the country, we can generate rich and detailed insights to design the best shopping experience tailored to the unique needs of Thai shoppers,” said Agatha Soh, Head of Marketing at Shopee Thailand.

Online shopping has developed rapidly in Thailand since the turn of the year, with 6 key trends shaping the industry in the first half of 2019.

1. Online shopping grows rapidly nationwide

Bangkok continued to be the online shopping capital of Thailand, with the most orders recorded on Shopee since the turn of the year. However, online shopping is quickly becoming the norm nationwide, as Bueng Kan, Udonthani and Satul provinces are seeing the highest growth in shopping activity on Shopee since the turn of the year.

Online shoppers in Thailand prefer to shop most from the Health & Beauty, Mobile & Gadgets, and Home & Living categories as they enjoy the massive assortment of products on Shopee. Popular products for Thais include skin creams and face masks, while more premium tech products such as smartphones and fitness watches are also highly sought after.


2. Most popular time and day for online shopping

Thais shop online most often in the afternoon and at night, especially between 12PM to 2PM and from 9PM to 11PM. This is in line with the mobile nature of online shopping in Thailand as smartphone adoption continues to grow rapidly in the country, as Thais shop online in their spare time during lunch breaks and before bed. In addition, Thais also browse online on their phones on the way home from work, as user activity starts to increase from 6PM to 9PM daily.

Moreover, online shopping activity in Thailand is highest during the middle of the week, with Wednesday being the busiest day of the week on Shopee.

3. Thais turn to Shopee to find their favourite brands and products

Consumers are quickly turning to Shopee as their preferred e-commerce and search platform, as Shopee recorded over 1 billion keyword searches in the first half of 2019. In addition, Thais search most often for terms related to Fashion, Electronics, and Home & Living categories.

Catering to the preference among Thais to shop on mobile, Shopee has also introduced the new Image Search feature in February this year. The feature has steadily grown in popularity among Thais who can now more easily find their most-wanted products on Shopee, with an average of around 400,000 image searches every month since its launch in February.

4. Men are shopping online more often

Men are also shopping online more often as e-commerce becomes mainstream in Thailand, as male shopping activity is observed to have doubled compared to the same time last year. Male shopping behaviour is also evolving, as Thai men are increasingly shopping for Home & Living and Health & Beauty products this year. Popular items among male users include hair lotions, solar LED light bulbs and air purifiers.


5. Cash on Delivery (COD) is the top choice of payment among Thais

As observation, Thai users’ favorable payment method are Cash on Delivery (COD) due to convenient and entrust for buyers in nationwide. Noticeably, cashless solutions like Credit Cards are the top of payment method for users in Bangkok, meanwhile Cash on Delivery (COD) and Bank Transfers are favorable payment method outside the capital.

6. Shopee Live is a big hit in Thailand

Shopee’s live streaming feature is becoming popular among Thai users as it offers real-time engagement between sellers and buyers. Since its launch in March, Shopee has recorded over 1.7 million views on its live streams. Moreover, Shopee observed that after the launch of Shopee Live, participating sellers and brands enjoyed an average of 30 times increase in store traffic.

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