True grants the 700MHz license for 15 years

As expected, True has been granted a license to use the 700MHz spectrum for a period of 15 years, announced to continue to make 5G continuously, hoping to become a leader.

Preparing to accelerate hand-in-hand with partners to develop real-world applications Ready to build a 5G ecosystem to support industrial customers

True Group leads True Group executives and employees. Received 700MHz spectrum allocation from the Broadcasting Commission. Television business And the National Telecommunications Commission (NBTC)

TrueMove H Universal Communication Co., Ltd. (TUC) received a license to use the 700MHz spectrum for telecommunications. The radio frequency range is 703-713 MHZ. At the same time, True Group is confident to be the leader of True5G and move forward to drive Thailand into a full digital era.

By bringing the frequency that has been allocated to the development of telecommunications infrastructure Ready to cooperate with leading partners in the development of Used Case together with the creation of a 5G ecosystem to support the use of customers and businesses in every industry. Strengthen the country’s digital economy

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