Goverment showcasing digital content capacity in the BIDC 2018

Government–Industry sector unveil the Grand Digital Content Event “Bangkok International Digital Content Festival 2018” or BIDC 2018, highlighting the concept “the 5th Digital Carnival” showcasing capacity of entrepreneurs in Thai digital content industry.

And the Startups to drive national economy and extend business opportunity, supported by Government Agencies, expecting 900 million Baht cash flow, celebrating the Signing Ceremony of Cooperation Agreement between Thailand, Japan and Korea, creating future economic value for the country.

Mrs.Chanthira Jimreivat Vivatrat, Director General, Department of International Trade Promotion, disclosed “The organizing of Bangkok International Digital Content Festival or BIDC 2018 represents the cooperation between Government and Industry sector,

Incorporating Department of International Trade Promotion, Digital Economy Promotion Agency, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) together with 5 private associations including E-Learning Association of Thailand, Digital Content Association of Thailand,

Thai Animation & Computer Graphics Association, Bangkok ACM SIGGRAPH and the Association of Thai Software Industry, joined by over 100 digital content companies to demonstrate capability and readiness of Thailand

And to strengthen Thai digital content developers in alignment with the Government’s Strategy Creative Economy promoting value creation for products and services developed from knowledge body, creativity, intellectual property and Thai local wisdom, connecting with innovation.

Digital Content industry is one of the 5 future industries (New S-Curve) and a branch of Creative Economy playing a key role in driving Thai Economy toward Thailand 4.0.

“The event accommodates business negotiation between Thai and foreign digital content entrepreneurs including Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and CLMV totaling 38 players.

Joining the business negotiation are CCTV ANIMATION, Largest TV Station with most audience from China, GRAVITY, the top game studio developing and producing Ragnarok from Korea and ASTRO MALAYSIA, a TV station from Malaysia.

We expect business negotiation to generate total 900 million Baht business deal.” Mrs. Chanthira Jimreivat Vivatrat added.

In addition, Thai Animation & Computer Graphics Association (TACGA) enters the Joint Venture Agreement between TETERU from Korea and EEZ Production Studios which is an entrepreneur from Thai digital content industry to produce 26 episodes of the 3D animation TETERU Secret of Teddy Bear Village with production budget of 2.6 million US$ or over 80 million Baht.

Another cooperation is the MOU signing between Fukuoka creative content association (FCCA) Thai digital content and Japan’s digital association from the province locating over 100 studios and creative houses sponsored by Japanese Government. The cooperation will help develop and drive driving Thai digital content industry to global arena.

Mr. Chatchai Khunpitiluck, Senior Executive Vice President of Digital Economy Promotion Agency or depa and Ministerial Representative of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society,

Unveiled “Bangkok International Digital Content Festival or BIDC 2018 reiterates the policy Thailand 4.0 as a framework to drive country by focusing on applying digital technology to develop and produce innovative products or services enhancing value from existing business.

The digital content industry is a mission of depa to promote and support in order to create value added and amplify opportunity for various industries. It is expected to circulate 26 billion Baht proceeds.

Moreover digital content becomes one of Thailand’s industries enable to grow and generate significant export income.

The BIDC 2018 congregates Thai digital content entrepreneurs contributing to overall part serving as an important jigsaw in driving country’s economy as well as offering the forum to showcase capability of Thai digital content industry to global market.

Mrs. Khemnarin Rattana-ampawan, Acting President of e-Learning Association of Thailand, a representative of industry sector and representative of participating associations, said “Bangkok International Digital Content Festival 2018

Results from the collaboration of government and business sector to promote Thailand to be the Digital Hub for Asia with the expansion target to world market in line with ongoing growth of digital industry.

The group of associations plays a key role in supporting and assisting business, trade and developing products for members as well as connecting local and international business network.

Besides we act as the intermediary between government and entrepreneurs to align both parties in driving growth of digital content industry pertaining to national policy to promote digital industry stimulating economy and country

Such as the convergence of future technology Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Blockchain emerging as the innovation in various industries including finance, gam and education.

In particular, Blockchain is a tool to manage system with reliable information such as course management integrating contents, students and evaluation.”

This year the organizer of “Bangkok International Digital Content Festival 2018” formulates direction and concept of activities gearing towards supporting and promoting Digital Startup,

Expecting to allow Digital Content Startups to demonstrate their capacity through the BIDC Awards 2018 forum, the floor for creative work showcase extendable to future business and convey opportunity to attend knowledge seminar hosted by world-class speakers,

Leading to innovation development and application, encouraging Thai entrepreneurs to start business in digital content industry and grow to national industry.

“The BIDC 2018 helps build business network with local and international partners, exchange academic knowledge and explore inspiration and creativity leading to sustainable economic value relevant to Government policy Thailand 4.0″

“And Digital Economy as well as urging digital business players to convene and showcase their capacity to acquire international awareness and, last but not least, allowing Thai digital content industry to earn steady stream of export income.” Mrs. Khemnarin Rattana-ampawan concluded.