Canon reinforces its leadership in environmentally-friendly technologies

Canon, the world’s leader in digital imaging, will continue the Canon Ecolism campaign for a second year, strengthening its B2C business capabilities including multifunction copiers, large-format printers, and inkjet printers.

The campaign is centered on the launch of the “Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Generation 3” series, which makes use of environmentally-friendly technologies while increasing business productivity and efficiency.

This flagship multifunction model is manufactured by Thai workers at three world-class manufacturing facilities and is ready to be shipped to both domestic and international customers.

Mr. Haruki Terahira, President & CEO, Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, “Canon is committed to delivering advanced products and technologies that meet our customers’ demands and improve workflow efficiency while recognizing the importance of using environmentally-friendly technologies that align with Canon’s corporate philosophy of Kyosei, which means ‘living and working together for the common good.

As the world is fully transitioning to the digital era, the way people live and work is being affected. This results in the need to adapt to changes for sustainable development. Canon, as the world’s leader in digital imaging, continues to develop innovative environmentally-friendly products and solutions that save time while improving the competitiveness of businesses.”

In 2016, Canon acknowledged the importance of environmentally-friendly technologies and aimed to create sustainable business growth using both environmentally-friendly and advanced technologies under the “Canon Ecolism” concept. This concept will be applied to Canon’s business practices in the near future.

This year, Canon is continuing to implement the campaign by highlighting the evolving green technologies designed to support our sustainability goals while helping people work more efficiently.

As a result, Canon’s new and innovative products are embedding solutions and software including a Document Management System (DMS) and Outsource Scan Solutions to streamline business workflows to ensure document and data confidentiality while saving time, costs, and resources.

“We believe that the ‘Canon Ecolism’ concept can change the way people work by increasing efficiency and encouraging people to use environmentally-friendly and advanced multifunction copiers to help preserve the environment.

Our customers can take pride in the fact that these innovative products – multifunction copiers, large-format printers and inkjet printers – are ‘Made in Thailand,’ relying on the skills of Thai workers at three world-class manufacturing facilities, located in Prachinuri, Ayutthaya, and Nakhon Ratchasima.

These copiers are ready to be shipped to our domestic and international customers. This reflects the strong bond between Canon and Thai society that helps strengthen the brand, which stands out from our competitors,” added Mr. Terahira.

Canon is introducing the flagship Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Generation 3 multifunction model under the “Canon Ecolism” campaign this year, which comes in seven variants: the C355i, C3500i, C5500i, C7500i, 4500i, 6500i, and 8500i.

Mr. Warin Tantipongpanich, Vice President of Product Group, Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, “We are certain that the launch of the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Generation 3 multifunction copier using next-generation color-printing technologies and improved document finishing systems and other features to ensure document and data confidentiality will help facilitate and enhance workflows and reduce costs for organizations.

In addition, our business goals for 2017 are to increase sales by 6.3 %, or approximately 72 million baht, and to expand our market share in the multi-function copier segment to 15%. Ultimately, Canon aims to be the market leader in 2020.”

The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C355i, C3500i, C5500i, and C7500i have the following key features:
  1. Enhanced Work Efficiency and Ease of Use

Users can customize their workspace using My ADVANCE functions, where they can personalize settings. In addition, the Canon Print Business application allows users to print files and scan hard-copy documents with their smartphone and tablet over their wireless network.

Furthermore, Google Cloud Print allows business users to print on the go from their smartphone or tablet, resulting in improved workflow efficiency.

2. Robust Design and Easy Maintenance

Using eMaintenance as your personal assistant can further improve uptime through remote diagnostics, automated meter readings, and consumables monitoring to reduce administrative time. eMaintenance passes the relevant information directly and seamlessly to your service provider across the Internet, with no administrative involvement whatsoever.

eMaintenance also helps improve toner management as it automatically assesses when toner levels are running low and places a re-order request directly with the relevant service center.

3. Extensive Security Features

Use the Secure Print and Mailbox functions to restrict printing to users with a specified PIN. This helps prevent unintended printing output, resulting in better cost management. You can also register a Department ID and password for each department, and manage the machine by limiting its use to only those who enter the correct Department ID and password.

Department IDs and passwords for up to 1,000 departments can be registered. In addition, you can control who has access to each device through a log-in service.

4. Intuitive Touchscreen and Intelligent Recovery

The new Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C355i, C3500i, C5500i, and C7500i series comes in Titanium White and Damson Black to complement the increase in contemporary-designed offices with an emphasis on clean lines and neutral color palettes. A wider intuitive touchscreen interface offers an instinctive experience with smartphone-like functionalities such as ‘swipe and pinch.

The Intelligent Recovery feature makes use of a motion sensor to assess if it should recover from sleep when approached, providing greater convenience and energy-efficiency for users.

5. Eco-friendliness and Cost Management

Canon’s RAPID Fusing System consumes less energy and warm-up time and uses less than 0.8 watts in Sleep Mode, resulting in improved energy and power savings.

In addition, a range of features include automatic double-sided printing to save paper. The finishing functions include Staple-on-Demand ECO-Staple, which helps improve your organization’s cost management and eco-friendly practices.

In addition, the new Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 4500i and 6500i intelligent monochrome multi-function copiers offer personalization and other intelligent features necessary to meet the needs of diverse office environments as well as workflow requirements of individual users from small to large businesses.

The unrivaled features include standard printing through integrated networking and a double-sided duplex. You can save documents scanned with the machine to USB memory sticks/drives (i.e. a thumb drive) connected to the USB port of the machine.

The machine consists of robust components such as E-Drum that is designed to help reduce maintenance, maintain uptime, reduce printing costs, and streamline productivity.

Unrivaled features include a function to secure confidential information and also chargeback users, departments or groups for the costs of printing, monochrome multifunction printing, scanning through networking, document printing from smartphones, and much more, resulting in improved workflow efficiency and a lower environmental impact through the use of energy-efficient technologies.

The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Generation 3 comes in seven variants and is compatible with uniFLOW software, which is designed to enhance the security of printed documents, printing management, and also facilitate both administrator and user systems, resulting in improved productivity and cost-savings.

Furthermore, Therefore™ is a DMS that features an easy way of using, storing, and searching for documents as well as safe access. The system allows the user to work with document files, access files, manage document workflows, and manage repositories and output systems, in addition to information retrieval systems.

Therefore™ is also designed to help save on printing costs and alleviate worries about lost documents. Other useful features include connecting to a data center providing convenience in terms of access, search, retrieval, and distribution that results in reducing errors, redundancy, and saves time.

Lastly, Therefore™ ensures that data is secured through authorized access, and is a system that preserves data that may be lost or damaged from crime or a natural disaster.

Corporations are increasingly switching to digital file formats by scanning and naming documents by type. Canon’s Outsource Scan Solutions makes the processing and handling of documents easier including sorting, arranging, and making the documents searchable for further usage.

This works seamlessly with Canon’s advanced technologies and product lines which include digital cameras, surveillance cameras, and projectors that support and benefit the “Digital Intelligent Room Solution,” an innovative system that applies technology to learning and is designed to meet the demands of self-learning and self-research.

The Digital Intelligent Room also enhances collaborative education in schools and offices.

For further information about all seven variants of the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Generation 3 series, please call the Canon Call Center at Tel: 02-344-9988 or visit