KTC cuts interest and usage fee loads in half to welcome new “KTC PROUD” members.

Ms. Phichamon Jitpentham, Vice President – Personal Loans, “KTC” or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited, states, “This year, KTC prioritizes the expansion of its “KTC PROUD” Revolving Loan card member base to new target groups with financial needs, and all the while reemphasizes worthwhileness for great customer experiences with KTC from the very start.

KTC organizes a special campaign to welcome new “KTC PROUD” Revolving Loan card applicants who have been approved between May 1 – June 30, 2018. Approved members will receive discounts off interest and usage fee for the first two billing cycles by making at least one cash withdrawal within the respective billing cycles.

Credit into members’ accounts is done simply via SMS by typing HR followed by a space and 13 National ID digits to 061 384 5000 or register online www.ktc.co.th/halfproud within July 15th, 2018. Additionally, “KTC PROUD” members may request to temporarily increase credit card limits in cases of emergencies and pressing expenses, for up to 5 times of members’ income.

Members will be notified of the approval result within 1 working day, pay easily in installments with a minimum of as low as 3 percent, and online cash withdrawal for 24 hours via the “TapKTC” mobile application and www.ktc.co.th/ClickKTC website”.

“KTC PROUD” is a ready to use revolving loan card with dual functionality: 1) No fee cash withdrawals from ATMs of any bank across the country or 24 hours online; 2) The card can also be used to make payments in installments for up to 24 months. Registration requirements for “KTC PROUD” members include a Thai nationality, age 20 years or above, must be employed at private companies, government agencies or state enterprises with a minimum earning of Bt.12,000/month and employed for at least 4 months.

Register for a “KTC PROUD” Revolving Loan card or for more information, please visit any “KTC TOUCH” branches or contact KTC PHONE 02 123 5000 press 6 and 2.