KTC endorses penetration strategies in personal loans to new customers

KTC reveals that the personal loans business is growing constantly and is not intimidated by various determinant factors including the economy and regulations and administrative measures.

Prioritizes Strengths-Opportunities strategies in creating enhanced customer experiences that will leave imprints on members’ hearts, continuously prolife rates marketing campaigns to thoroughly lighten members’ loads.

Relies on online means to attract new members, is well prepared for market situations in close proximity, and expects to achieve goal of 10 percent account receivables growth by the end of 2018.

Miss Phichamon Jitpentham, Vice President – Personal Loans Business, “KTC” or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited, states, “In the present day, the overlook of the personal loans business is colored with increasing challenges,

stemming from factors such as the state of the economy and regulations and administrative measures which were sanctioned the end of last year which began to affect some businesses.

Despite this, KTC’s personal loans business continues to see positive signals—in the first trimester of 2018, KTC had personal loans account receivables amounted to Bt. 24,469 billion, a 10 percent surge compared to the same period last year,

A personal loans portfolio of 857,613 accounts, which are considered quality accounts due to the low NPL personal loans value of 0.82 percent, and for the first 2 months of 2018, a market share of total account receivables in personal loans at approximately 6.9 percent within the industry.

“KTC’s marketing for the personal loans business continues to prioritize 2 core values: expanding new customer base and maintain existing customer base. In the second trimester of 2018,

KTC selected marketing campaigns to aid and create stronger relationships with our existing 857,613 members for enhanced customer experiences that are tangible and assure sustained brand loyalty.

KTC delve into lightening members’ financial burdens using 3 campaigns of a wide variety, to correspond to the state of the economy which remains in a slowdown:

“Relieve heavy burdens into light ones with KTC PROUD” campaign – Receive up to 70 percent cash back into accounts for interests spent on education. Offer valid today – June 30, 2018.

“Temporarily increase credit limits in cases of emergencies and pressing expenses” campaign -Receive approval results within one operating business day.”

Members have the option for an increase in credit limits of up to 5x the amount of income and pay easily in installments with a minimum of 3 percent. The campaign is in operation from today onwards.

“Season 8 of Debt-Clearing” campaign -Prioritizes debt clearance for members: KTC will give out a total of 135 “KTC PROUD” debt clearance prizes with a total worth of Bt. 1.62 million from now until May 31, 2018.”

“To expand new customer base, KTC will utilize digital channels to reach target customers. KTC chooses to use digital marketing strategies, due to consumers’ free lifestyle patterns that find information online by themselves through 24 hours platforms, to create opportunities for targeted customers to come across KTC on search engines.

In addition, KTC will partner with bloggers and online alliances on platforms which recommend and compare financial products, including social media, to reach potential target customers, which will aid consumers in their research.

Additionally, KTC also has a campaign for target customers who register through other offline platforms. Customers that register for the “KTC PROUD” Revolving Loan today – June 30, 2018, will receive 50 percent discount off interest and usage fee for the first two billing cycles which have cash withdrawals transaction.

Registration is required by typing HR followed by a space and 13 National ID digits to 061 384 5000 or register online at www.ktc.co.th/halfproud within July 15, 2018.”

“Moreover, “KTC PROUD” Revolving Loan card members can also withdraw cash online for 24 hours in accordance to their credit limit through the “TapKTC” mobile application and www.ktc.co.th/ClickKTC.

Those that use the service today – May 31, 2018, will get chances to win 3 iPhone Xs with a total worth of Bt. 123,000. Offer valid for cash withdrawals of Bt. 20,000 or more with outstanding values of at least 10 days, or first time registrations for the “TapKTC” mobile application and www.ktc.co.th/ClickKTC.”

“We hope that our aggressive marketing and our preparations to combat against any situation, will support KTC in achieving its set goals for the personal loans business this year.

KTC believes that its clear business intention in continuously lightening members’ financial burdens, will establish member satisfaction and strong ties with the KTC brand, as well as allow members to live their lives happily in the way they desire.”