KTC partakes in alleviating parents’ debt load to welcome the new semester

Ms. Phichamon Jitpentham, Vice President – Personal Loans, “KTC” or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited, states, “KTC consistently prioritizes the development of youth potential, educational opportunities along with business practices.

For the upcoming start of the new academic semester, KTC organizes, “Start the semester off right with lightened rather than heavy loads with KTC PROUD” campaign to become one of the choices to alleviate tuition and school expenses for “KTC PROUD” Revolving Loan members who are parents and current students.

Members receive up to 70% cash back of interest and usage fee for expenses related to education into their accounts simply for every cash withdrawal of Bt. 10,000 outstanding balance for a period of consecutive 20 days.

Send a photo of a receipt or an invoice of a 2018 semester tuition or receipt of school supplies to [email protected], indicate your full name, 16 digits KTC PROUD Revolving Loan card and 10 digits phone number from May 2nd – June 30th, 2018.