Tesco Lotus continues investing in Thailand, serving 4.0 era customers better

Tesco Lotus plans to continue investing in Thailand to serve 4.0 era customers better by providing omni-channel retailing, great shopping experiences, high quality products and great value. The company will also continue its leading role in contributing positively to the Thai economy, society and the environment.

Mr. Sompong Rungnirattisai, Chief Executive Officer, Tesco Lotus, said: “Tesco Lotus is committed to serving Thailand’s shoppers a little better every day. We always look into how we can best fulfil the needs of today’s customers, so called 4.0 era customers.

Based on our insights, 4.0 era customers seek the convenience of being able to shop from anywhere and at any time they want, from both traditional retail outlets and the growing digital platform.

At the same time, high quality products and great value for money are still essential when making a decision to buy.

Tesco Lotus has a wide range of retail channels from large-size hypermarkets to medium-size supermarkets and small Express stores, plus our own online shopping platform and partner e-commerce channels.

We find that more and more customers are shopping across channels and currently around 40% of Tesco Lotus’s customer base are cross-channel shoppers. With our strong multi-channel positioning we are able to offer customers the convenience of shopping anywhere, any time.

This year we will invest in expanding both offline and online channels, as well improving existing stores and online platforms to better serve 4.0 era lifestyles.

In addition to expanding our channel network, we will also focus on offering customers a seamless omni-channel shopping experience. Our Clubcard programme and digital tools will be used to link our various channels and enhance customer experience.

A large portion of Tesco Lotus’s investment for the fiscal year 2018 will go towards opening new stores, providing more convenience for customers and creating more jobs in the local areas.

Tesco Lotus also plans to refurbish around 120 existing stores to enhance shopping experience such as upgrading the look and feel as well as services in Fresh Food department or reallocating space to fit customer lifestyles.

To serve the need for great quality and value, Tesco Lotus will continue to enhance food quality from farm to table. By working closely with suppliers, Tesco Lotus aims to maintain a strong position of offering great value for money to customers, an example is the RollBack campaign launched at the beginning of this year.

Clubcard, with more than 15 million members, will also be strengthened through partnership with other service providers to give even better value for money for members.

“Underpinning our efforts to serve customers better every day is our commitment to operating our business sustainably and ethically. We believe that our little helps will make a big difference to Thailand and Thai people.

Our direct sourcing programme provides a secure source of income for farmers across Thailand who supply high quality products to us. In 2017, we purchased more than 200,000 tonnes of fresh food directly from farmers, an increase of more than 30% from the previous year.

We also support SMEs who sell their products through Tesco Lotus and manufacture Tesco brand products by providing necessary knowledge to help them uplift their production and quality standards to an international level.”

As we sell a large volume of food, especially fresh food, Tesco Lotus has made a commitment that no edible food will go to waste. In Thailand, we now donate surplus food from 40 hypermarkets nationwide to charities and the underprivileged.

Our goal is to continue to roll out the programme to all of our stores. The programme does not only reduce environmental impact from food waste, but also helps provide perfectly edible food to those who need it. In addition, Tesco Lotus has been actively supporting Thai communities.

“We invite our customers twice a year to join us to provide nutritious lunches for school children across Thailand. We believe that as we continue to grow our business and serve customers better, we must also bring benefits to local communities who will grow alongside Tesco Lotus,” concluded Sompong.