Brother celebrates 20 years of business in Thailand with an expected growth rate of 6%.

Brother still has high confidence in the current Thai economic condition, preparing to implement forceful proactive strategies to seize for higher market share in the Thai IT business. While still retaining the same corporate customer segment, Brother will expand into SMEs group, and join forces with dealers nationwide to penetrate markets in regional minor provinces.

To support business growth alongside social development, recently, the company puts forward an idea to provide knowledge in IT service business to Thai youths through the “Academic Cooperation Program”.

Since Brother is number one of service in Thailand, it believes that participating youths will be equipped with practical and useful skills for their future careers.

Mr. Tomoyuki Fujimoto, Managing Director of Brother Commercial (Thailand) Ltd., revealed that in the fiscal year 2017 (April 2017 – March 2018), he expected to see a high growth rate of 6% or more compared to the previous fiscal year, and also higher than the average market growth rate of 3% (according to IDC).

This prediction is based on the fact that Brother’s products have been doing well in all categories, a great success after 20 years of business in Thailand.

Brother (Thailand) contributed to ASEAN at 40% proportion in 6 ASEAN countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand –this mean Thailand is a major country for Brother Group. In additional, the fiscal year 2018 (April 2018 – March 2019) he expected to see a high growth rate of 6%.

Mr. Teerawut Supapunpinyo, Director of Sales and Marketing, Brother Commercial (Thailand) Ltd., discussed the overall of market and growth of product category.

“The printer group is the biggest contribution to Brother Thailand business revenue with 85%, followed by 10% from the sewing machine group and 5% from the label printer group.

The total market size of inkjet printers in Thailand on 2017 grew by 4% (according to IDC) from 2016, but Brother inkjet printers grew by 13%. The total market size of the laser printer market in 2018 decreased by 2% (according to IDC), but the sales of Brother laser printers climbed by 8%.

In additional, the label printer group is another product category has high potential to growth recently expands by 14% from consumers and corporate users to the industrial and electrical industries, along with the 29% growth of the sewing machine and embroidery machine.

When we introduced the BMB karaoke sets to the Thai market late last year, it was so successful that the first lot products were sold out. Currently, we are bringing in the second lot to satisfy the demand and the purchasing power which is still very high in Thailand.

For the scanner group, Brother has made a progress by coordinate with software partner to offer each corporate customer segment with a customized solution. This strategy allows us to understand the differences and uniqueness of each target more clearly, leading to increased response like what we have today,” Mr. Teerawut further explained.

Regarding to Brother’s strategy to stimulate business growth in 2018, Mr. Teerawut added that Brother will continue to penetrate the corporate and government sectors as it did in the past two years and will focus more on minor provinces and particularly the hospital and educational institutions.

Apart from the plan to expand the market to the main regional economies, Brother will adopt an economic guideline from the government and expand the business to other 55 provinces. It will join hands with more than 200 dealers nationwide to deliver the right product solutions to the right target customers and increase the current sales opportunities.

Considering the consumer trend in 2018, Brother believes that the SMEs will continue to grow and need solutions that can meet and respond to their changing business environment. Brother is ready to offer solutions and equipment that can assist customers well whether in terms of performance, efficiency, and cost-saving, to facilitate business operations of customers in this group as we have been doing in the past two years.

To increase selling in retail channels, we will partner up with our dealers to develop more online business that can quickly adjust to changes in purchasing of recent Thai behavior.”

Mr. Worasak Praditkul, General Manager of Customer Service, Brother Commercial (Thailand) Ltd., revealed that Brother would concentrate on building business excellence and promoting education at the same time.

“As the leader in the service area, Brother provides repair service to customers through our Service Centers, and provide information with advice through our Contact Centers.

Last year, we won the Best Customer Satisfaction Contact Center Award for the third consecutive year, and another grand prize, The Best Contact Center of the Year 2017, given by TCCTA (Thai Contact Center Trade Association).

To give more to the society, Brother has expanded this expertise in the service area to educational institutes through the Academic Cooperation Program, teaching students to repair multifunction printers.

The project’s curriculum is a combination between practical knowledge, theoretical foundations, technical expertise, and management for Thai youths to prepare them before entering to the world of careers.

Last year, Brother piloted the program with six educational institutions: Prachin Buri Technical College, Nakhon Nayok Technical College, Prachin Buri Polytechnic College, Nakhon Nayok Vocational College, Burapha-Prachin Technical College, and Kabinburi Vocational College.

The program received an impressive response and great success. In 2018, Brother plans to do three more projects to cover the three remain regions in Thailand, which are the north, the northeast, and the south.

Students who have been trained in The Academic Cooperation Program will be prepared, not only, for work in real establishments after graduation, but they will also be able to use this knowledge to join the “Fix it Center” project to help repair IT equipment for people in nearby communities.

The policy to give back to society is one of the main policies of Brother other than striving for business growth. Mr. Pornpak Upaisilsathaporn, General Manager of Finance and Management, Brother Commercial (Thailand) Ltd., commented regarding to the work in this section

“Throughout the years, Brother has worked continuously on Thailand’s social and environmental issues through the two main types of activities:

1) Local Community. This type of activity is organized to support Brother Projects under the name “Golden Ring”, primary purpose for the cancer patients. The main activity is ‘Brother Run and Share.

which the most recent one the fourth time, over 2,000 donors raised up to 1,099,927 Baht, the highest figure than that of any previous activities. The secondary purpose of the event this time is also to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Brother’s business in Thailand.

All incomes received without deduction of any expenses were given to the Ramathibodi Foundation Adult Hematologic Malignancies Fund, Ramathibodi Hospital in order to support cancer patients who do not have access to the medical services.

Through this way, cancer patients can have a real access to medical treatment. (This event received the Global Charter Practice Award from Brother Japan in 2015) and

2) Environmental Activity. This type of activity is organized to support Brother projects under the “Brother Earth” logo. The main activity is “Mangrove Reforestation” which has been held for the 9th times already.

This activity is a part of Brother’s contribution to protecting and recovering mangrove forests in Thailand which has been facing with the problems seriously for long. Brother will always search for opportunities to create other meaningful activities, adhering to the Brother Group’s policy that we will never cease to work to benefit both society and environment.