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K9 Vajra Delivered Early to Indian Army

K9 Vajra

Mumbai-based Larsen & Toubro (L&T) recently delivered 51 K9 Vajra-T 155 mm/52 cal tracked self-propelled howitzers equipped with Allison Automatics to the Indian Army in advance of schedule.

Allison Transmission, the largest global manufacturer of medium- and heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions, produces the Allison X1100-5A3 transmission that was selected by L&T for the howitzer. Delivered ahead of schedule, the remainder of the vehicles are due to arrive by the end of 2020.

“Allison’s X1100 Series™ is a cross-drive transmission specifically designed for either military or heavy-duty tracked vehicles,” said Dana Pittard, Allison Transmission VP Defense Programs. “These transmissions reflect the cutting edge and innovative technology proven for over six decades of work in the defense industry. Our superior reliability and durability in severe duty-cycles is why many military organizations around the world rely on Allison.”

A five-man crew operates the vehicle, powered by the German-made 1,000 hp MTU MT 881 Ka-500 V8 water-cooled diesel engine designed for heavy military equipment. These machines weigh nearly 50 tonnes, have a zero turning radius and can fire projectiles up to a range of 43 km. The strength and unique drivability of the Allison X1100 transmission is ideal for tracked vehicles that must perform in the harshest conditions.

Allison Transmission will have senior leaders attending DefExpo in Lucknow, India, February 5-9 discussing more of the benefits an Allison Automatic provides. DefExpo India is an exhibition of new and future defense technology. More than 700 exhibitors attend the show to display their land, sea and air capabilities. Over 70 countries participate in the five-day event.