Samsung unveils the first ‘Samsung Experience Store’ in Thailand

First of its kind in Thailand to implement the global design with aims to build new dimensions into customer experience and leverage the true ‘Personalized Experience’. A new space for millennial consumers to seamlessly enrich their digital lifestyles.

Samsung reveals Thailand is one of the strategic countries in ASEAN region of smart device market with vision to continue its leadership in the market.

Thailand, Bangkok (February 13, 2018) – Samsung officially unveils ‘Samsung Experience Store’, the first of its kind to implement global design concept in Thailand, in the heart of Bangkok at Siam Paragon Department Store. The shop aspires to build a new dynamic in consumer experiences tailored to their personalized needs.

The store creatively embraces new image, design, and zoning of product showcase and services to better ease consumer experience, specially targeting millennials.

Mr. Wichai Pornpratang, Corporate Vice President, IT and Mobile Communications, Thai Samsung Electronics Company Limited said “Apart from that Samsung has always aimed to produce products that answer consumer’s needs, launching the first global design Samsung Experience Store in Thailand.

Samsung Experience Store

Also reflects our commitment to leverage and enrich customer experience through new design and services that truly connect and understand millennial consumers’ lifestyle.

Most importantly, Samsung has thought outside the box of conventional fashion as we let consumers be the center to create their own unique experiences through the art of personalization, since the first step into our store. Additionally, consumers will also experience more of an Omni-channel platform in the store that seamlessly integrates with the store functions.”

‘Samsung Experience Store’ is divided into 8 zones including:

U-Bar The area consists of two U-Shaped counters facing each other that fully showcases all flagship smartphones. The area is designed to ease and leverage consumer experience to test and try products creatively and freely which in the middle of the two U-shapes locate a Wearable display area to cater more variety consumer experience.

Photo: Photography zone highlighting the features and performance of the camera lens from flagship smartphone products such as Samsung Galaxy Note8, which comes with Live Focus and Dual Camera mode.

VR 4D: The VR chair provides consumers with a fully tested suite of Samsung VR 4D, with a variety of 4D content to choose from to experience the virtual world in different ways which are unique and fun.

Gaming: Game lover’s zone complete with screen display area and seats for consumers to play games through the Samsung’s devices such as Gear VR, which can connect the smartphone with the controller through the screen easily.

This is also Including a smartphone with joystick through the use of Bluetooth to control the screen smartphone while playing the game, all of which can be combined with smart TV to display without the need to connect by cable, with the Smart View function which connects directly from the machine easily.

Samsung Experience Store

Music: Zone to keep consumers entertained with the joy of music that showcases headphones and the latest Samsung Bluetooth wireless speakers such as Samsung U Flex, Samsung Gear IconX and Samsung Level Box Slim.

Work: The design is like a desk, showcasing accessories such as Samsung DeX that can connect a smartphone screen to a PC screen, which allows the consumer to work anywhere, anytime with style.

Accessories: Zone that showcases all accessories for all models, such as smartphone cases and wireless chargers. Consumers can experiment and find a fit with their lifestyle and preferences.

Samsung Experience Store

Service: There are also areas for servicing and a workshop, such as software updates, advanced troubleshooting, and Smart Academy Training.

As one of Samsung’s leading partners, Mr. Dusit Sukhumvithaya, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Jaymart Mobile Company Limited, said “Jaymart and Samsung have a long history and tight partnership and are ready to give a complete consumer journey to serve Samsung clients.

We believe that the collaboration of the official launch of Samsung Experience Store will add a new dimension to customer experience, especially through the rise of technology that is the trend in this era where smartphones appear to be more engaging than ever and completely shape our lifestyles today.”

Samsung Experience Store

Mr. Wichai also added that smartphone market in Thailand is one of the most essential markets in the ASEAN region. As Thai consumers have certain preferences such as to always be in new trends and always want to own the most innovative products or services at the time.

At the same time Thai people refrain from complex understanding of smartphones’ features.

Samsung believes in opening a global design Samsung Experience Store, the first of its kind in Thailand, will seamlessly serve and leverage Thai consumer’s everyday lifestyle in a complete consumer experience journey through Experiential Marketing strategy.

Samsung is committed to continue to be the market lead in sales unit and innovation.

As of this year, Samsung plans to expand similar Samsung Experience Stores of global design branches and concept to other parts of Thailand in Bangkok and leading provinces across the country.