Government’s green light ‘DE’ over 2 billion for development EEC and ‘Netpracharat’

Ministry of Digital Economy and Society ( MDES ), Driven the 5 major projects after the Cabinet approved the additional budget for the fiscal year 2560, amounting to more than 2,254 million baht, focusing on the development of the EEC area to drive the country’s S-Curve industry.

High to improve the quality of life. Connect Fiber Optic Networks to 3,196 schools 812 remote hospitals To improve the quality of life for people in remote areas. Expected to be completed by Sep 61.

Dr. Pichet Dangrongvej, Minister for Digital Economy and Social Affairs (MDES), revealed that the cabinet meeting on February 20, 2018, approved the additional budget for the fiscal year 2560. Central budget Expands State-Owned and Enhanced Economic Growth (Big Rock)

The five major projects, amounting to Baht 2,254.96 million, consist of 1) a high-speed internet expansion project to improve the quality of life of over 598 million Baht by expanding the broadband network. Improve the internet infrastructure with fiber optics to schools with no less than 3,196 fiber optic networks, as well as 812 district hospitals and ‘Suksara’ project.

Expand Internet Capacity for Tele-medicine to the Hospital 5 pairs (10 places) and 5 couples (10 hospitals). There are 20 hospitals, according to Ministry of Public Health consider selection.

2) The smart urban development program in the Eastern Seaboard Special Economic Zone (EEC), with a budget of over 788 million baht, supports the policy of driving the S-Curve industry and creating a new digital service business. Small and Medium Enterprises It also supports the infrastructure that facilitates the development of smart cities in the EEC area, leading to increased competitiveness for the country.

Enhancing the quality of life and safety of residents. the tourist Promote transportation and transportation that is convenient, fast and efficient. It also creates the data link of the city to the city’s ecological information system and further utilizes information such as travel information.

Innovative Approach in accordance with the EEC, including the establishment of an EEC Operation Center to effectively manage the city.

3) Digital Startup Environmental Development and Growth Promotion Project worth over 414 million baht is a project to promote the growth of digital startup. By promoting Encourage digital startup entrepreneurs to set up business in the market.

It also creates opportunities and Digital Startup International Network Events through various activities. Digital Startup Maker Space is also partnering with government and private sector partners, as well as expanding Digital Startup marketing opportunities to develop digital innovations to meet business and industry needs.

Digital Tech Startup entrepreneurs can set up businesses in Thailand. This leads to higher economic value. It is a key mechanism and instrument in the development of the country by digitization. It can increase investment and build confidence for investors and the digital industry of the country.

4) Coding Nation project, amounting to more than 236 million baht, to develop a national online platform. It is an important tool in the development of manpower and digital personnel. It also includes the creation of digital quality people at the Digital Professional level and the Digital Specialist manpower entering the labor market.

As a major force in upgrading the digital industry, Thailand can develop and become internationally recognized. The project will develop a national online platform through Coding Nation, which includes a self-assessment system. Digital Skills Training In online format

5) IoT Institute has set up a project to develop the digital industry of the future with a budget of over 217 million baht to prepare and design. IETA will be set up within the Industrial Promotion and Digital Innovation In the period of establishment and construction, the institute will carry out various activities simultaneously.

This project is set up to help upgrade Thailand’s industry 4.0 (Value Added Industry). Can compete with Thailand. Supports the growth of new industries. New S-Curve, such as robots, aviation, or even service. Reform of business from reliance on Thai labor force to face the problem of the number of workers due to the aging society.

Go to production on the base of automation and new generation manufacturing technology. Need to import technology, equipment, automation equipment. Including foreign experts. If Thailand is to have a real competitive advantage.

It must be invested to develop the economy through innovation. (Innovation-Driven Economy), replacing the decline in labor force advantage. This requires investment, development of infrastructure quality. Skills Development Potential Development in Science, Technology and Innovation In order to be able to strengthen Thailand in the future.

For 5 projects above As part of the digital ministry. Thailand is trying to push Thailand to become “Thailand 4.0” to put the digital infrastructure. Make the most of its. It also wants to push the country to grow from within the country.

It is in line with the ASEAN region. This will become the center of global growth in the future. This will be accomplished in this fiscal year.