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Delivery continue grow, pushing Lalamove over 123%


Lalamove Thailand, the on-demand delivery application provider, reports a revenue growth in 2018 of 123%, making it the number one On-Demand Delivery in Thailand with a total transaction value of 1,200 MB, allowing it to continue its business expansion in 2019 with fully integrated services.

Chanon Klahan, Managing Director of Lalamove Thailand, the Hong Kong-based on-demand delivery service, said that in the year 2018, Lalamove Thailand was very successful in transaction value when compared with 4 years earlier (2015 – 2018) as shown in the following figures;

  • 2015 – 2016: 500% with a total value 121 million baht,
  • 2017: 400% a total with total value 532 million baht and,
  • 2018: 123% with a total value 1,200 million baht.
Lalamove Thailand’s total service distance is over 60 million kilometers.

This growth leap is the result of its continuous business expansion and services development, allowing it to differentiate itself from the competition in a market with numerous other players and competitors.

Its highlight on-demand service provides convenience, speed and efficiency, utilizing cutting-edge application to ensure speedy delivery to customers as fast as 60 minutes. Lalamove Thailand is now the largest on-demand delivery driver in Thailand with a total of 80,000 vehicles.

“During past 4 years of business operations in Thailand, Lalamove had strong growth performance. With quality of service as its main differentiator, Lalamove Thailand is on track to dominate the on-demand delivery market in 2019, and will continue to expand its service areas in Thailand to meet the needs of all groups of customers.”

In 2019, Lalamove Thailand plans to expand its operations by integrating services such as ‘Lalamove API’ – an automated on-demand delivery process for online businesses that provides great benefits and empowers them to scale-up their business faster.

Another such development is the new face of website and application that give conveniences and functional to customers. These services provide intra-country, large-vehicle ands same day delivery.

Lalamove Thailand also provides opportunities of their 80,000+ drivers in Thailand with health, life, automobile and accident insurance to look after their drivers’ wellbeing with a responsible business approach to duty of care

Lalamove has been providing on-demand delivery services in Thailand since 2014 by initiating the last-mileage delivery service. It differentiates itself by ensuring delivery within one hour, using professional and reliable staff, all at reasonable prices.

This has allowed it to become the largest shipping service provider throughout Asia, with operations in 10 major cities in Southeast Asia and in more than 100 cities in China. Lalamove Thailand, currently has a total of 2,500,000 application downloads with over 80,000 registered drivers.

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