Samsung unveiling technology to streamline connected living of the future

Thai Samsung Electronics Company Limited marks its leadership status in the home appliance market in Thailand for 10 consecutive years,today unveiling latest innovation that brings a new level of smart living to the home at its“2018 Samsung Digital Appliances” press conference.

The company showcased new Quick Drive washing machines, that cuts wash time by 50%, Wind-Free air-conditioners, and Twin Cooling Plus refrigerators, aiming to grow its share in the premium segment while capitalizing on strategic partnership with modern trade and online retailers.

Samsung will continue to build upon the vision of Internet of Things (IoT) to seamlessly connect all devices and make them do what customers want, better and faster.

Ms.Saowanee Sirariyakul, Business Director, Thai Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. said, “We will implement targeted marketing to expand the customer base of the upper segment, that seeks quality products with beautiful modern design to complement their image.

Samsung plans to do a strategic collaboration with retail partners, both online and offline, throughout the year, to provide the best experience possible to our customers. With these strategies, we expect a three-fold growth from last year in our home appliance business.”

“Thailand’s home appliance market is valued at 52 billion baht and expected to grow at least 4% this year. We believe that our strategy in technological differentiation will influence product upgrade and encourage new customers to switch to Samsung.

Our marketing budget will be increased by more than 10% from last year, mainly for the annual marketing campaigns, namely, Summer Campaign during the hot season, and 8 Wonders Campaign, a year-end promotion,” added Ms.Saowanee.

Samsung maintains its market leadership for 10 consecutive years with its exclusive technologies in washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioning.

• Quick Drive – the innovation helps reduce wash time by 50% and saves energy by 20%, in comparison of the washing machines in the same category. In 2018, Samsung is ready to add more than new 15 models to its existing product line.

• Twin Cooling Plus – the cutting edge refrigerator technology allows up to 5 different design conversions of cooling and freezing compartment. It also comes with a speedy cooling mode, Power Freeze / Power Cool technology. Samsung will introduce 5 latest models of the premium two-door refrigerators that are larger than 300 liters.

• Wind-Free – Samsung’s exclusive cooling technology that provides customers with a cooler indoor climate and optimal energy efficiency without the discomfort of direct cold airflow.This year’s launch will add over 11 air conditioners.

Samsung sees a high growth opportunity in thesmall appliance category in 2018, leading bythe robotic and wireless vacuum cleaners and multi-functional microwave oven. Integrated marketing activities will be rolled out to increase brand awareness.

Samsung announced its vision and strategy for an intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) experience at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018.An integral part of Samsung’s vision is to connect devices and make them intelligent, all to provide additional value to consumers.

For Thai market, in the near future, Samsung plans to launch Family Hub refrigerator – the smart home assistant that connects fridges to a supermarket, enabling direct ordering of grocery, meal planning, or recipe suggestion from the fridge content.