Drive the Nissan to find a master teacher using technology for school

To follow in his father’s footsteps. “King Rama IX” with words alone will not cause anything. And do not make that feel sincere. If the doctrine is applied to living and working for the real success. It will be said and done. Just like the project ‘Khaē Jai Kor Phīengpor Tām Pho Tee Porphīeng’. The Nissan Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. together with Shell Thailand Co., Ltd. and Mentakram Co., Ltd. (GoPro) jointly held.

This project is aimed at people throughout the country who are guided by teachings of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej in the way of life and career. Make a real contribution. It starts in mid-November and will continue until March this year. The goal at the beginning of the project. Both Nakhon Nayok, Chiang Mai, Mahasarakham, Phetchaburi, Ranong and Loei. Up north to Chiang Rai to meet with “Kru Manow” Mr. Supawat Promtun, a prototype under the project. “Just the mind is enough. The father is enough “, which is called the teacher of the digital age 4.0, embracing the philosophy of King Rama IX to adapt to Thai education. In this journey, there is a new Nissan Navara pickup in 2018 and Nissan Express is a travel vehicle.

“We have to do our best. The students are good and happy, the content is too difficult, the children do not know, and the children of today, learning alone does not attract attention. You need to find extra activities such as reading, reading, having a judge, the voice, or “The Voice Reading or actually read the truth”


Including activities called. “Invited to Awaken the Soul” “The Soundtrack of Book” by the concept that encourages children to love reading. And more and more libraries. It is a new way of teaching that combines technology to help children. Enjoy learning from the difference by learning technology will help improve the quality of 21st-century education. Adapt to the digital world. ”

Kru Manow explains how to teach a new style. Before further explaining that even though children will love the new way of learning. But we want to go deep into the details why some people do not intend. Some people do not come to school. It has been found that some children do not have money to school. Come back to think that just fun with learning is not enough. Still lack of happiness We started asking questions about whether the 4.0 student base in the province was ready.

We focus on the community. Looking back we must change the teaching that we have learned. Or teaching by the teachers have taught each other and we help find a way to create true happiness. Is to make the family happy Self-sufficient and self-sufficient as well as bringing modern knowledge to the home.

Create activities for children. The kids in the city do. And teachers have acted as “creators of knowledge” rather than just users of knowledge in the textbook. Learn from many modern subjects. But still with the current is perfect, it is considered. “True education”

What Kru Manow teach It will be broadcast as a speech. For this visit. Nissan also gave the media participation in the mentor, introducing knowledge to create articles. And the online communication. The issue is that the guide to attractions or interesting things within the community of Phan District, which is the school itself.


Also, It is responsible for the care of the faith group. In places that are respected by the people in the community. Short video clip

Must say What students communicate is breathtaking and can communicate well. The tablet, which the children in the capital may use as a gaming device. But for children here. They can take advantage of it cheaper way. And we know that the truth is that children in the capital and the provinces are not different. Only at chance will one be over.

Mr..Akarapol Kaewphinit, Managing Director, Manufacturing, Nissan Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said that the project activities. “Just the mind is enough. The father of sufficiency “is a contribution to the philosophy of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The 9th King Rama IX’s talk about integrated learning and real-life experience in the classroom.

Nakorn Wittayakhom School Chiang Rai province This demonstrates that Nissan is committed not only to bringing the full range of intelligent products to meet the needs of its customers. But we also want to broadcast a good story. The benefit to the society to come out.

“We do not see factories as factories. But we think that is our home. Our staff is called as our family. And the car that we produce is not considered to produce cars for others to use. But to produce it to be our car. We focus on quality self-responsibility. Quality in what we do. We are the only factory that sells cars to Japan.”


“In addition, we have promoted or educated our employees on the Nissan project to exchange employees to study various technologies. Including the performance at Nissan’s advanced production base in Japan. To open the world wide and learn new things. To deploy to work ”

For this trip has a Nissan X-trail 2-liter 4×4 gasoline engine, which must be said that even if the acceleration rate is not. But it is in a satisfactory level. The road is considered to be tight.

But most importantly, this type of car is comfortable in the passenger. Because of the experience with the children total 5 passengers is still comfortable . The X-TRONIC CVT with 7-speed manual transmission makes it easy to travel.

The system. Whether it is automatic speed reduction while the driver withdraws the accelerator or Active (Active Brake) and the system to reduce the Throw on the rugged (Active Ride Control). And the key to a very intelligent camera to look around. direction With the added convenience of driving in confined spaces, the curiosity of the area is limited.

The top models are supplied in full. If have a chance It will test drive performance and high technology like Nissan Connect full again.

As with the new pickup truck to look at Nissan Navara 2018, this trip was not driving. I guarantee that you must borrow to test it. Under the concept Nissan Intelligent Mobility will be. Because of the strength of the engine is suddenly lost.


The Engine 2.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder DOHC is rated at 190 horsepower and has a maximum torque of 450 Nm – 2,000 rpm in the DC VL and KC V 4×4 versions. It has a maximum output of 163 horsepower and maximum torque of 403 Nm – 2,000 rpm.

There is also a safety system that is not to be embarrassing car sit both. The drive can be switched to 4-wheel drive mode while driving. There is also a Stability Control (VDC), Limited LSD, Lateral Suspension (HSA), and Slope Control (HDC). Enhances performance and safety while driving in both general and off-road.

Maximum safety with seven airbags including front, side, safety curtain and driver’s knee. DC 4×4 VL 7AT

And the top of this model requires it. Functionality from the intelligent camera to look at the omni-directional as well as the extralight. Which we think will be a very favorite. Because of the large pickup truck. Getting a camera helps to make things easier. Happy And most importantly, reduce wrinkles caused by the eyes are not visible well.

The journey is over 120 km, although it is short. But with the fit of the vehicle. Including project activities. ‘Khaē Jai Kor Phīengpor Tām Pho Tee Porphīeng’ at the Nissan. This is a new horizons. We know that with the modern technology and the broad mind of King Rama IX.

When mixed together. Help to make the country a lot faster. Especially those who do, are those who contribute to the future of the nation.

There are good people in the area already. I do not need to struggle to compete in the capital. Finally, there will be both losers and winners. But if in the area of ​​their own, how to win? At least beat yourself. And in the home community happily. And thanks to “Kru Manow”, thanks to “Nissan”